October 18, 2017

Lincoln, Neb. — The 2017 issue of Strategic Discussions for Nebraska is now available. The title for this year’s publication is “Big Data: Managing the Future’s Agriculture and Natural Resource Systems.” Strategic Discussions for Nebraska is an annual publication of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

Big data is the incredible flow of information that surrounds humans, every day. Stories in the publication focus on the newest scientific technologies in agriculture and natural resources and features Nebraska scientists whose research is producing massive amounts of scientific data. The data, along with the collaborating scientists who analyze, interpret and store it, creates new knowledge that improves the human condition. These scientists study climate, animals, plants, soils, water and people, with the goal of feeding the nearly 10 billion people expected to inhabit Earth by 2050.

“At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we’ve hired scientists in disciplines that represent the newest areas of research, all of whom rely on the massive amounts of data generated by the newest technologies,” said Mike Boehm, Harlan Vice Chancellor for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Nebraska. “In Strategic Discussions for Nebraska, readers will find stories about the university’s scientists not only conducting research, but teaching students and extending research findings to people who can use it in Nebraska and around the world.”

Big data plays a major role across every discipline. Stories in the publication focus on animals, natural resources, people and plants, and the collaborations across these disciplines aimed at generating new ideas that one scientist might not be able to find alone. 

All of the stories in the publication were written by students majoring in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication, based on interviews they conducted with Nebraska scientists who use the best-available, data-driven technologies in their research. 

“Strategic Discussions for Nebraska provides the students with a learning experience similar to those that they may encounter in the workplace, emphasizing the accurate, clear and objective communication of science-based information,” said Mary Garbacz, assistant professor of practice in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication. Garbacz serves as the editor and coordinator of the publication. 

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska was first published in 2008. Issues have covered topics ranging from immigration to public-private partnerships. To view the 2017 issue or previous issues, visit https://sdn.unl.edu/.

To request a copy of present or past Strategic Discussions for Nebraska publications, contact Garbacz at 402-472-7119 or mgarbacz2@unl.edu

Mary Garbacz
Assistant Professor of Practice
Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

This article originally appeared on IANRnews.unl.edu:

Student driven publication focuses on big data

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