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Dr. Dennis Crabb has been the scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 55 in Denison for 29 years.

For that whole time, and for five or six years beforehand, the troop has collected used newspapers and sold them for recycling.

“We’ve been doing that forever,” Crabb said.

For the time being, the scouts will no longer collect newspaper.

Siouxland Recovery, Inc., of Sioux City, is no longer taking or paying for newspapers for recycling.

“About nine months ago we had a load go up to Siouxland Recovery,” Crabb said. “I never got a check.”

The troop is working to find a new destination for the papers, but none has been secured as of yet.

“We have a trailer full of paper and cardboard and nowhere to go at the present time,” he said. “We’re forced, at this point, to suspend collecting our newspapers because we don’t have any place to take them.”

Fees paid by the recycler for the papers collected in the monthly drive have been used to support the troop.

“It would pay for some of the boys to go to summer camp, at least half of their fee. It was very useful for our troop as a fundraiser,” Crabb said. “Obviously it helped the community by taking all these papers out of the trash stream.”

The coming weekend would have been the regular time for the paper drive.

“We don’t want people to show up to get rid of papers when there is no paper drive,” he said.

Quality Truck Service of Denison has been moving the troop’s trailers back and forth – and has also been taking the trailers to Sioux City when full – all free of charge.

“They do that all as a donation for us,” Crabb said. “We have certainly appreciated their help all of these years.”

He said he was unsure of what people will be able to do with their newspapers now.

“I suppose they will go in the blue recycling bin and then the garbage men will have to deal with them,” he said. “I don’t know of any other place to take them.”

Troop 55 has long collected newspapers from the Denison Bulletin and Review, he noted.

“We’ve been collecting papers from your back door – getting your extras – which has always helped our troop tremendously,” he said. “That doesn’t help you guys out, either.”

Newspapers are now starting to pile up in the newspaper building.

“We’re open to ideas from anybody that has a place that will take them and pay us for them to support our Boy Scout troop,” he said. “That’s our fundraiser. That’s why we do it.”

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