Melting snow and rain forced the Boyer River to flow out of its banks Wednesday afternoon.

The photos in the gallery were taken late morning and mid-afternoon on Wednesday as Industrial Drive leading from Avenue C to the Smithfield plant was being barricaded.

Avenue C from 7th Street to Highway 39 is closed.

Highway 30 from Denison to Woodbine is closed.

Following is a DOT press release about road closures and flood safety.


ATLANTIC, Iowa – March 13, 2019 – The Iowa Department of Transportation urges motorists to use caution as many roads in western Iowa are closed due to flooding or have standing water from rainfall and melting snow. Drivers will want to slow down and drive with caution in these areas.

The following roads are currently closed due to flooding:

  • U.S. 59 in both directions between Iowa 9 and the Minnesota border.
  • Northbound U.S. 75 at Plymouth County Road C-60 near Hinton.
  • U.S. 30 in both directions between Iowa 44 and Iowa 37 near Woodbine.
  • Iowa 44 in both directions between U.S. 59 and Shelby County Road M-47 near Harlan.

Travelers are urged to check for current flood-related closures and detour routes.

When driving around flooded roadways remember the following:

  • As little as six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.
  • Two feet of floodwater can float your car.
  • Water moving at two miles per hour can sweep a car off a road or bridge.

Avoid flood-susceptible areas, especially low-lying streets where water commonly pools. Never attempt to walk or drive through a water-covered roadway, and beware of rising, swift-moving water.

If you are driving and come upon rapidly rising waters, turn around and find another route. If your route is blocked by barricades, find another route. Barricades are put up by state or local officials to protect travelers from unsafe roads. Driving around them can be a serious risk.

  • The road may be washed out below the water surface.
  • Your vehicle may stall or get stuck in the water, and then get pushed off the road. Once off the road, vehicles often start to roll, making escape difficult or impossible.
  • Many flood-related deaths in the United States are the result of an attempt to move a stalled vehicle.

The latest traveler information is available anytime through our 511 system. Visit; call 511 (within Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (nationwide); stay connected with 511 on Facebook or Twitter (find links at; or download the free app to your mobile device.


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