1952 certificate from City of Omaha to City of Buck Grove

While remodeling the Buck Grove City Hall some months ago, David Miller and Terry Kolln came across the framed certificate pictured below, which had been lying on a table where paperwork was being stored.

The certificate recognizes the volunteers from Buck Grove who went to Omaha and Council Bluffs in April 1952 to become part of a massive effort to save property from the rapidly rising Missouri River.

The peak river state occurred on April 18 at 30.2 feet. Levees and floodwalls were raised before the peak. Thousands were evacuated.

The certificate reads as follows.

“Many of you came to help us hold back the recent Missouri River flood waters.

“Your coming, your helping, your leaving was unacclaimed. There was no time for words. Action was all important. What was accomplished speaks louder than any words we may write. The greatest impending flood tragedy of Mid-west’s history was averted; the devastation of the upper river scenes was avoided by your help.

“Our people worked - your people worked; our people prayed - your people prayed.

“This greeting carries our heartfelt thanks to all in your community. We recognize with deep humility that the help of your people, with the mercy of Divine Providence, saved our city from the awful devastation that seems to be a certainty.”

The certificate was signed by Mayor Glenn C. Cunningham.

Handwritten in the upper right hand corner of the certificate are these words: “Those who aided from here were

Roger Greder

Wayne Coleman

Russell Buchanan

Robert Kepford”

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