Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) had a loss of $177,640 for the month of September, in part due to lower patient volumes, which resulted in gross patient revenue coming in $344,228 lower than had been budgeted according to number presented to the CCMH Board of Trustees on Monday evening.

For the year to date, CCMH is $134,927 better than budget and $810,903 for the year to date.

Total admissions were down 11.43 percent, in-patient procedures were down 12.96 percent, ER visits were down 7.9 percent, admissions from the ER were down 26.42 percent and total medical clinic visits were down 19.13 percent.

Surgical procedures increased by 35.37 percent and anesthesia procedures increased by 27.78 percent.

Expenses were under budget by $142,780 for the month and under budget by $460,942 for the year.

CCMH President and CEO Bill Bruce said the lower expense numbers show that the hospital is adjusting to patient volumes that go up and down.

Cash flow was negative for September, dropping by $217,450, primarily due to the purchase of a new ambulance and a new glidescope, he said.

CCMH ended the month with a cash balance of $9,778,148 and 107 days of cash on hand, which was down five days from August.

CCMH CFO Rachel Melby said the Medicaid reimbursement rate from the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) has improved, but at any given time the MCOs owe CCMH between $200,000 and $300,000.

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