Goodfellows decoration

In less than a week, 173 Crawford County children from 72 Goodfellows families will be taking part in a long-standing Christmas tradition - trying to guess what’s inside their packages.

That’s thanks to the generosity of a long list of individuals, families, organizations and businesses that have brought in donations for Goodfellows families.

Packages will be distributed to the Goodfellows families on Thursday, December 19. Wednesday, December 18, is the last day to bring donations to the Denison Bulletin and Review office at 1410 Broadway or West Central Community Action at 45 North 7th Street in Denison.

All donations are tax deductible. Following are donations to date.

Don and Donna DeMey, toys and clothing; anonymous, toys and clothing; Broadway Elementary Student Council, Christmas list items for 14 children; anonymous, stuffed animals; anonymous, toys and clothing; anonymous, toys and clothing; Teresa and Toni Wishman, clothing and toys;

East Boyer Rustler 4-H Club, clothing, toys and books; anonymous, toys; Donna Stephens, books, toys and clothing; Phillip and Jolene Ketelsen, $100; Chad, Traci and Oliver Preul, clothing and toys; Greg and Lori Wehle, clothing, books and toys; anonymous, books and clothing;

Cole Carlson, toys and clothing for a boy and a girl; Katherine Miller, jackets, gloves, candy, toys, laundry soap, toothpaste, dress shoes, toy cars, bedding and coloring books; 32&U, toys, crafts and games; Tracy Brus, toys, books and clothing;

Tonie Hardiman, toys and clothing; Coyotes Forever, $300; Eric Meents, $100; In memory of Joyce Amdor, $508.16; Dr. James Seaton and Kimberly, $100; anonymous, $25; Sharon and Dale Wight, $70; George and Shirley Berry, $50; Friday Club; $50;

Lois Blair, $50; Tammy and Kevin Schurke, toys and clothing; Gail Chapman, toys and clothing; United Methodist Women, Denison, $100; Dollar Tree, 4 boxes of clothing and toys; anonymous, $500; anonymous, toys and clothing; Marcia Bachman and Richard Meyer, $100; anonymous, toys, games and clothing for two children; Westside 4-H Club, 2 carts full of toys;

Immanuel Lutheran Sunday School, Schleswig, 2 pickup cabs full of toys; St. Rose School, socks, gloves and hats; Angels Care Home Health, socks, gloves and hats; anonymous, $250; Bill and Vera Davis, toys and Hot Wheels; anonymous, clothing, mittens and nail polish;

Don and Marlyn Anderson, porcelain doll; Jerry and Barbara Rasmussen, $100; Robert Spangler, $25; anonymous, $50; Vicki Mink, clothing and toys; anonymous, clothing and toys; anonymous, toys, games and blankets; anonymous, $40 beef certificates; Deb Grossman, coloring books, pencils and sketchpads; Jim and Sharon Gaughan, clothing, shoes, toys and books; anonymous, $500; anonymous, $200; Jess Malone, toys and clothing; Rick and Marla Franck, $100; McDonald’s of Denison, $500; Lois Duncan, $20;

John Cookson, clothing and $53.50; Igou Trucking in memory of Carol Igou and Bruiser, $100; Our Savior Quilters, quilts; Charlotte and Caroline Schrum, toys; Sundquist Engineering, $100; Gene Ellis, Carrie Ellis and Colby Ellis, toys and clothing; Colby Ellis and Jolene Lechtenberg, toys and clothing; Bob and Katie Curnyn, $60; Carol Skarin, $100; anonymous, toys; Walmart, $2,000; anonymous, $50; Terry and Judy Evers, $60; anonymous, clothing

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