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A discussion on council pay that began at the August 6 Denison City Council meeting is back on the agenda for further discussion at this evening’s meeting.

Councilman John Granzen had the item placed on the August 6 agenda. He said he had looked into council pay about a year ago and contacted three to four cities. He said council pay for those cities ranges from $1,900 to $3,500 a year.

“We get $900, not that we do it for the money, but it would be nice if we got compensated a little more for what we do,” he said.

A change in pay, if approved, could not go into effect until the beginning of the next council term on January 1, 2020.

Granzen said the pay for mayors in the cities he contacted varied widely, and he believes the $6,000 per year paid to the Denison mayor receives is okay.

City Clerk Lisa Koch provided some comparisons at the council meeting. She said at $900 per year, the Denison City Council averages $25 a meeting. In most cities surveyed the pay per meeting is $30 to $50 with most between $40 and $50.

She added that most cities pay the councilmembers quarterly.

Members of the Denison City Council are paid $300 at the beginning of the year for special meetings and committee meetings. At the end of the year they are paid $25 for each regular meeting they attend.

The annual compensation cannot exceed $900.

Koch said if the pay was set per meeting and paid quarterly, it would be easier for city staff.

Councilman Nathan Mahrt said he hadn’t thought about a pay increase because he views it as a volunteer job.

After the council was silent on the matter for a while, Koch suggested the members could think about it until this evening’s meeting.

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