Schleswig sports complext concession/storage building

The crew from Slechta Masonry, of Denison, works on the new concession building, part of the Schleswig Youth Rec Board’s project to add to and improve the ball fields south of the school in the community. Working on the building when this photo was taken are Todd Slechta, Darren Sletcha, Tyler Reynolds and Conner Andersen. Photo by Gordon Wolf

The spirit of community involvement in Schleswig can literally be seen at the baseball/softball/soccer fields located just south of the public school building.

Block by block, a new concession and storage building for the sports fields has been going up and will soon have a roof and interior furnishings. Members of the Schleswig Youth Rec Board hope that the new building will be ready for use in a few weeks.

The new building will have running water, handicap-accessible restrooms and an equipment storage area; the current concession stand lacks all those amenities.

The work being done this spring is part of a multi-year project.

In 2016, Schleswig Youth Rec renovated the original high school baseball/softball field with new fencing and new dugouts.

Besides the new concession building, this year’s project includes the development of a new baseball/softball field where the school’s football field used to be.

The new baseball field fence was completed earlier this spring.

As a reminder of the football games played at the sports fields, the Schleswig Youth Rec Board chose to keep the south end goalposts standing.

The soccer field will need goals and other small improvements.

A third ball field, located southeast of the new concession building, will receive some attention sometime in the future, after additional fundraising.

The school owns the land where the fields are located and allows Schleswig Youth Rec to use it.

The completion of the improvements to the fields will provide the opportunity to host tournaments.

Botna Valley Builders, of Manning, is the general contractor for the concession building. Botna Valley will put on the roof and do the interior work.

Slechta Masonry, of Denison, is doing the block work. Krohnke Construction, of Schleswig, did dirt work and Complete Concrete Systems, of Kiron, did the concrete work.

Complete Concrete Systems also did the dugouts and bleacher pad for the new field.

Cory Wiebers with CW Architecture, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was the architect who helped with the initial design all of the drawings for the project; he is a Schleswig graduate and provided his work as an in-kind donation.

FEH, of Sioux City, did the final architectural designs.

For more than 30 years, Schleswig Youth Rec has coordinated softball, baseball, basketball, soccer and volleyball in the community.

Boys and girls from TK through eighth grade participate in Schleswig Youth Rec’s t-ball, softball and baseball programs.

Games started in Schleswig on May 6 and will continue through June.

Volleyball and basketball through Schleswig Youth Rec program covers grades three through six.

Funding for the recreation field improvements have come from a number of sources.

In September 2018, Schleswig Youth Rec was awarded a $35,000 Community Attraction and Tourism grant which grew the fundraising level to the point that construction could begin on the concession building and the southwest ball field.

The Jens A. Carstensen family provided funds, disbursed through the United Church of Christ.

The project has received grants from the following non-profit organizations: Crawford County Community Foundation, the Schleswig BASIC Fund, Schleswig Community Club and the Schleswig Community Chest.

The improvements have also been possible due to the generosity of businesses and individuals, said Amanda Bruhn, a member of the five-person Schleswig Youth Rec Board and a softball coach.

Angela Wiebers, another member of the Schleswig Youth Rec Board, said, “We have had a very supportive community and the level of giving and volunteerism has been amazing.”

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