Denison City Hall

Matthew Brick, of the Des Moines law firm Brink Gentry, P.C., is scheduled to be appointed as the City of Denison’s new city attorney, according to the council’s agenda for its 5 p.m. meeting this evening.

Brick would be the first new city attorney appointed by a Denison City Council in nearly 37 years.

The last time a city attorney was appointed was at a special meeting on July 16, 1982. Derrick (Rick) Franck was appointed to replace Richard Vipond, who had been appointed as a district court judge.

The agenda for this evening’s city council meeting also lists a motion to accept Franck’s resignation as city attorney.

The city council will also entertain a resolution to authorize the publication of the intention to fill a council vacancy by appointment.

Councilwoman Brittany Okker’s last meeting will be this evening. The city clerk has already received her resignation.

Okker was appointed to the city council in April last year to fill an At Large council seat vacated by Rachel Desy. Desy resigned to spend more time with her family and to focus on her health during a pregnancy.

Brick was among four lawyers who applied for the position of city attorney and were interviewed.

Brick and Brent Hinders, of Hopkins & Huebner, P.C., with offices in Des Moines, Quad Cities and Adel, were interviewed last Tuesday. The two other applicants requested that their interviews be closed.

Looking for a new city attorney was first brought up at the April 2 council meeting when former police chief Rod Bradley questioned George Blazek’s authority to serve as assistant city attorney because the city code does not contain language to allow a city attorney to appoint a member of his or her firm to serve as an assistant without council approval. At that time, Franck had not been at a council meeting for more than 10 months, and Bradley asked the council to direct Blazek to leave the council table.

The council did not act on that recommendation but in April, the city began advertising for sealed bids for city attorney.

The proposal from Brick lists a number of cities for which Brick Gentry P.C. provides full-service city attorney services, as well as other governmental agencies for which the firm provides service.

Brick said services would be provided for $150 an hour for attorney services and $75 an hour for all services performed by paralegals and law clerks.

The city would also pay for costs and expenses incurred for travel, courier fees, and abnormally large postage and photocopying charges, computerized research, long-distance telephone charges or word processing fees.

Court costs and filing fees would also be paid by the city to Brick Gentry.

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