After conducting a public hearing on Tuesday, the Denison City Council went ahead with its plans to ban the discharge of consumer fireworks within the city limits.

After the sale and use of consumer fireworks was approved by the Iowa Legislature two years ago, the city council voted to allow the legal discharge of fireworks in Denison on July 3 and 4 and on December 31 and January 1 during specific hours defined in the city code.

That will no longer be the case, upon the city’s publication of an amended ordinance in a future issue of the Denison Bulletin or Denison Review.

The city council’s action does not affect the sale of fireworks within the city limits; that is controlled by state law.

The council’s action also does not affect the use of novelty fireworks (examples from the American Pyrotechnics Association are snakes, tanks, poppers and snappers).

The use of novelties was allowed even before the state law changed in 2017.

However, even novelty fireworks have restrictions listed in the city code.

The city council indicated their agreement to ban the use of fireworks within the city limits after Councilman Corey Curnyn had the issue placed on the August 6 meeting agenda. Among the arguments made for banning the use of fireworks were violations of the legal discharge dates and times and the number of complaints received by the police department.

On Tuesday, no one submitted written comments for the public hearing, and the two individuals who commented in person were both in favor of banning fireworks use.

They cited instances of fireworks being discharged were late at night and long before July 3 and 4, ashes falling on roofs and anxiety created for people’s dogs and cats.

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