Crawford County Community Foundation grants to EMS services

Nonprofit representatives receiving grant awards are pictured above with members of the Crawford County Community Foundation (CCCF) Advisory Board. Front, from left: Tonya Eller, CCCF Advisory Board; Deb Garrett, City of Dow City; Nichole Neumann, City of Vail; Angie Tremblay, City of Kiron, Matt Lujano, CCCF Advisory Board vice chair. Middle: Janine Kock, CCCF Advisory Board chair; Steve Vollstedt, CCCF Advisory Board member; Bruce Musgrave, Crawford County Memorial Hospital ambulance service; Marla Raasch, CCCF Advisory Board member; Ken Kahl, CCCF Advisory Board secretary/treasurer; and Alan Weiss, CCCF Advisory Board member. Photo by Gordon Wolf

Janine Kock, Chair of the Crawford County Community Foundation (CCCF), announced that approximately $12,450 in grants were awarded by the CCCF in October.

The board awarded $1,245 to each of the following, restricted to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) efforts:

• City of Charter Oak

• City of Deloit

• City of Dow City

• Crawford County Memorial Hospital (ambulance service)

• City of Kiron

• City of Manilla

• City of Ricketts

• City of Schleswig

• City of Vail

• City of Westside

Agency representatives received their checks on November 30th.

With these grants, CCCF has distributed more than $1.3 million in grants and scholarships over the last 13 years.

The Crawford County Community Foundation was established in 2005 and works with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to create charitable funds that address the changing, vital community needs and interests.

Donating to a charitable fund helps a community today and helps to build a stronger community tomorrow. Donors may be eligible to receive a 25 percent Endow Iowa Tax Credit in addition to any Federal tax benefits for which they may qualify.

The Crawford County Community Foundation invests and administers these funds, and distributes grants to deserving, qualified nonprofit organizations.

Board members of the Crawford County Community Foundation are: chair, Janine Kock, of Westside; vice chair, Matt Lujano, of Westside; secretary/treasurer, Ken Kahl, of Dow City; Scott Bowker, of Denison, Tonya Eller, of Denison, Marla Raasch, of Charter Oak; Adam Ullrich, of Denison; Steve Vollstedt, of Manilla; and Alan Weiss of Schleswig.

For information about donating or establishing an individual foundation/fund, contact any of the board members or call Stacey Goodman, Iowa Foundations director, at 800-794-3458.

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