The Home and Hobby Club is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

The following narrative written by Ione Beaman, a charter member, chronicles the history of the club.

The Home and Hobby Club had its beginning in 1949 at the farm home of Ann and Lester Hulsebus. It was one of many such groups of mostly farm wives. In 1949, most farm woman stayed at home and didn’t have many social activities.

In 1949 the County Extension Service had an Extension director, a home economist and a youth leader.

The director’s duties had to do with farm-related educational information from Iowa State College in Ames. The youth leader helped with 4-H material, mostly just in the summer, for 4-H members.

The home economist was in charge of the women’s programs and the girls’ 4-H clubs.

Mary Lou (Webster) Bohnker was the county home economist and was responsible for getting clubs started in different communities in the county.

Among the clubs was the Home and Hobby Club, which was composed of women who lived mostly around Deloit.

Other groups were in the Vail, Dow City-Paradise Township and Charter Oak areas, as well as other areas in the county.

The Home and Hobby Club was at first called The Sunshine Homemakers. Later, members decided they didn’t like the name and changed it to the present title.

When the clubs were organized in 1949, the purpose was education and socialization for the farm women. Iowa State University presented some of the programs. One was a demonstration by Bohnker on how to bake bread.

Over the years, many programs have been presented on a variety of topics. Sometimes club members would tour places of interest.

The main reason for the club was and still is to learn something new and to have an enjoyable social time.

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