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Denison city officials continue to focus efforts on providing more housing in the community.

On Tuesday, City Manager/City Engineer Terry Crawford reported to the city council that he and Gary Reisz, a member of the city’s planning commission, attended a Rural Housing 360 meeting in Martensdale and toured a model modular home the company has behind its home office.

Earlier this month, Steve Gilbert, founder of Rural Housing 360, visited Denison to speak to Crawford and others interested in providing more housing in the community.

Crawford said he further discussed with Gilbert the prospects of working with Rural Housing 360.

Crawford also said he is interested in working with Dennis Fineran on a subdivision layout for Fineran’s housing development along South Main Street.

“I’d like to bring that to planning and zoning and then to the council, about starting some houses on Fineran’s addition, hopefully at the next council meeting,” Crawford told the council members.

Crawford mentioned the possibility of applying for state tax credits.

Turning to another housing opportunity, Crawford said he had met Tuesday morning with Jayne Lourash, assistant director of Laborer’s Home Development Corporation (LHDC), which constructed the 50-unit Hilldale Estates along North 10th Street. He and Lourash looked at a site owned by David Reisz in the Oak Ridge Heights subdivision area.

However, that site would require paving and the extension of sewer and water utilities.

“She (Lourash) thought it was a wonderful site for having a second housing subdivision but she didn’t think LHDC could get involved unless something was worked out how it could be served with paving, sewer and water,” Crawford said. “We have a lot of work to do on that but she is interested in Denison as a site for another LHDC project.”

Members of the regenerated Denison Community Housing Agency will be brought up to date on these and other issues when the organization meets on Tuesday.

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