At a recent campaign event in Crawford County, it was noted that in one week the political spotlight on Iowa will be dimmed, candidates’ campaign offices will be closed and campaign staff will be assigned to campaigns in other states.

And Iowans will have to wait about three years before they are courted by presidential hopefuls.

But it was said, at the same event, that one vote at an Iowa caucus counts as much a one vote in a California primary.

While Iowans don’t always choose their parties’ eventual front-runner, they do have the powerful position of deciding who does and doesn’t get a shot of momentum and often which candidates end their campaigns immediately.

The caucuses will begin at 7 p.m. on Monday, February 3.

Democratic Party sites

Following are the Democratic Party caucus sites in Crawford County.

Denison Ward 1/Goodrich Township: Denison High School Library

Denison Ward 2/Denison Township: Denison High School Heritage Room

Denison Ward 3: Denison High School Cafeteria

Note: The check-in location for all Denison wards is the high school lobby.

Northeast Precinct: Vail Community Building

Southwest Precinct: Manilla Bowling Alley

Dow City/Arion/Buck Grove Precinct: Boyer Valley Elementary School

Charter Oak Precinct: Charter Oak Charter Oak Junior High/Elementary cafeteria

Schleswig/Ricketts/Kiron Precinct: Schleswig Elementary School media room

Democratic Party caucus sites can also be found by entering an address at the following web address:

Caucus attendees align according to their presidential preferences.

• Each presidential preference group then elects delegates to the county convention, which will take place Saturday, March 21, at Denison High School.

• Caucus attendees may submit platform resolutions to be considered by the county convention.

• Each caucus precinct elects two members for the Crawford County Democratic Central Committee.

If attendees have preregistered before January 17, they must remember to bring their preregistration print out to the caucus for sign in,

Republican Party sites

Following are the Republican Party caucus sites in Crawford County.

The following precincts all meet at Denison Middle School, 1201 North 16th Street in Denison:

DCAB Precinct

Charter Oak Precinct

Denison 1st Ward

Denison 2nd Ward-Denison Township

Denison 3rd Ward-Goodrich Township

Northeast Precinct

The following two precincts meet in different locations.

Southeast Precinct, Schleswig Middle School, 714 Date Street, Schleswig

SRK Precinct, Manilla Fire Hall, 549 Main Street, Manilla

To find all Republican caucus locations in the state, go online at

The precinct caucuses will perform the following functions.

• Elect four people, the Republican residents of the precinct, to serve on the County Central Committee.

• Elect delegates and alternate delegates to the Crawford County Republican Convention scheduled for Saturday, March 14. The number of delegates varies by precinct.

Charter Oak: 4


Denison 1: 5

Denison 2: 6

Denison 3: 9

Northeast: 7

Southeast: 7

SRK: 7

• Propose and vote on platform planks to the county convention.

Caucus procedures differ

The Democratic Party caucuses and the Republican Party caucuses have vastly different procedures.

Democrats physically gather at different areas in their caucus sites to indicate candidate preference with the purpose of having a viable group.

A viable group is determined by a percentage of people choosing a certain candidate.

Those in a nonviable group can try to convince people in other nonviable groups to join them, or they can join an already viable group, or they can remain in their nonviable group.

Republicans vote.

The goals of both procedures are the same – to earn delegates.

For more information about the caucus procedures, see the question and answer story posted with this article, written by Kayla Eptstein for the Washington Post New Service.

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