Mayor Jared Beymer

Denison Mayor Jared Beymer vetoed a second ordinance amendment in the space of two weeks.

This morning he emailed his written statement to city council members, the city manager/city engineer, city clerk and the media stating he has vetoed Ordinance #1507 which limits the mayor’s spending authority with respect to the city’s appointed officials or retained professionals.

The city council adopted that ordinance on August 20.

The ordinance that the mayor had previously vetoed, on August 20, clarified that the city manager and the city council have supervisor control over the city’s appointed officials.

At this evening’s meeting, the city council will again take up a resolution that the mayor lacks the authority to engage the city’s retained professionals. That meeting will begin at 5 p.m. (See meeting agenda attached with this article.)

The council has discussed this resolution at two previous meetings and asked for language changes.

Beymer earlier announced that he would veto this resolution as well.

The two ordinance amendments and the resolution follow numerous dialogues between the council and Beymer about attorney fees the mayor has incurred.

In his veto statement issued today, Beymer claims that the ordinance was passed based on lies and that a $150 bill for consulting with the city attorney regarding his veto authority, for which he was criticized, could not be found.

Following is Beymer’s veto statement:

“In accordance with Iowa Code Section 380.6, this is my written statement to council members informing you of my veto of Ordinance #1507. It breaks my heart that again our City Council has passed an ordinance based on lies told by members of Council. A bill for $150 was criticized for consulting with the City Attorney on my veto authority. Upon review of bills with the Deputy Clerk, we could not find evidence that such charge was incurred. Council can continue to be the bully but I will not be an idle victim. Attempts to reduce the Mayor to a mere figurehead are foolish. Lack of ambition by former Mayors is one of the reasons this great city has made so little progress. I will continue to work diligently on behalf of the citizens to grow housing and economic development. It would be nice if Council could join me in these efforts instead of pursuing their own personal agendas. We're here to do a job not play politics.”

Jared Beymer, Mayor

City of Denison

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