McHenry House

“You’re not selling stuff from the house, are you?” is a question Kathi Gustafson has heard many times.

The answer is no, said Gustafson, who is president of the Crawford County Historical Society board.

“Nothing from the house is being sold at the garage sale,” she said.

Her job is to help take care of the house – not sell off bits of it.

The McHenry House garage sale that begins on Friday is a fundraiser to help pay for maintenance of the house.

Items that have been collected for the garage sale – so far – have come mostly from board members, she said.

The sale will feature a variety of household items, but no clothing.

Sporting goods, games, books, picture frames, Christmas items, bedding and glassware are among the items that have already been taken to the house for the sale.

Gustafson said some of the pieces of glassware are “intriguing.”

The Historical Society will accept donations for the garage sale from the public, she said.

“No clothing donations,” she said. “We just need quality second-hand items that people might be interested in taking home.”

Individuals wanting to make a donation should contact Gustafson at 712-269-0616 by Thursday evening.

“Contact me so we can make arrangements to get it up there on Friday,” she said. “We’ll have people there in the afternoon putting on the final touches.”

The sale will take place in the garage on the back of the McHenry House and, weather permitting, on the driveway.

“Nothing will be inside the house,” Gustafson said.

Proceeds from the sale will be used to pay for several projects within the house.

“We are getting some quotes on new windows for the house, which are very high-price items,” she said. “The windows will probably be one of the next big projects we take on.”

Several leaks in the basement and other issues also need attention, she said.

The front porch, sidewalk and the driveway to the garage have all been redone in the last year.

The garage sale runs from 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday and from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

None of the items will have a price tag, unless it is something of significant value, Gustafson said.

“Just make an offer and we’ll go from there,” she said.

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