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Members of the Denison Volunteer Fire Department made short work of removing landscaping stones that were between the holes at the course. 

About 25 people per night helped with the project to revitalize the mini golf course at the Denison Aquatic Center last week.

“They ranged from three years old to 65 years old, which I loved,” said Jennifer Smith, who has been leading the project.

Major work in the first week involved removing many dead tree branches, shrubs and weeds from around the course.

The clubhouse received new paint.

The course’s holes were all power-washed and a project was started to add white paint to the edges around the holes. The broken pipes on one hole were replaced.

A natural rock facing was added to the waterfall where the stream begins.

The general store and the fence around the pond at the top of the stream were stained.

Old turf was removed and overgrown landscaping blocks were repurposed into a retaining wall.

Smith said most of the tasks on the initial list were accomplished last week – but a few more items need to be taken care of before winter.

The back of the general store, which is not made of natural wood (as is the rest of the structure), will be painted the same color as the clubhouse.

The clubhouse will receive new windows and locks.

The stream and the inside of the water fountain will be painted with a special blue sealing paint used for swimming pools.

A concrete overlay will be added to the second part of the waterfall.

The white edges around the holes will be finished – and a second coat may be added.

The original plastic hole cups will be drilled out.

A large bush on the back of the clubhouse will be removed.

The old miniature windmill from the course may be repaired this fall – or it may need to be replaced.

“It’s in bad shape,” Smith said. “It might just need to be a new one, but it needs to be addressed.”

Sand will be delivered and packed down in the areas that will later receive green turf.

Any of the other outdoor work will wait until the spring.

“We don’t want to put the turf down this year because why add another year of wear and tear to it with our brutal Iowa winters?” she said.

New obstacles will be designed during the winter.

Two nights of work per week will take place over the next three weeks:

Wednesday, September 4; Thursday, September 5; Tuesday, September 10; Thursday, September 12; Tuesday, September 17 and Thursday, September 19.

The work period will be from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. each day.

Smith said everyone is welcome to help.

“You don’t have to have any skills,” she said. “We’ve been putting 3-year-olds to work.”

Individuals should not worry if they don’t consider themselves “outdoorsy types.”

“We’ve been having way more fun than work, anyway,” she said.

For more information or to sign up, Smith may be reached at the Zupp and Zupp Law Firm at 712- 263-5551 or at 712-269-7847.

Individuals interested in helping may also contact Denison Parks and Rec Director Brian Kempfert at 712-263-8130.

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