Daniel Dix, general manager of NEW Cooperative, with headquarters in Fort Dodge, said the sale approved by Berne Cooperative members by a 95 percent majority on Tuesday was for the Berne Cooperative assets in Mapleton and Ute.

He said Berne Cooperative is currently retaining Ampride Truck Plaza in Denison and their several C stores as well as their Ida Grove and Anthon locations.

The acquisition of Berne Cooperatives assets in Mapleton and Ute will take effect on August 1.

The acquisition of the Berne Cooperative assets in Mapleton and Ute fits in well with NEW Cooperative’s other locations in the area. NEW Cooperative currently has locations in Mapleton, Blencoe, Onawa, Sloan, Hornick and Turin in the area around Berne.

“We’ll continue to operate the grain, agronomy and petroleum businesses but intend to expand them and to make some investments to improve the facilities and the service offerings,” said Dix.

He said employees of the Berne Cooperative Mapleton and Ute locations are going through interview processes and added the number employed at those locations probably won’t be increased.

Dix was the agronomy division manager for Berne Cooperative in the early 1990s and lived in Denison.

He left Berne Cooperative 21 years ago to work for NEW Cooperative. He was NEW Cooperative’s agronomy manager for 19 years and has been general manager for the past two years.

The “NEW” in NEW Cooperative stands for northeast Webster County where, in 1973, members of the farmers’ cooperatives in Badger and Vincent agreed to merge to create NEW Cooperative Inc.

Today, NEW Cooperative has 525 employees in 38 locations and annual sales of about $950 million.

The cooperative currently has six grain construction projects and one feed mill project being constructed.

NEW Cooperative has 4,600 members. Members of Berne Cooperative will have the option to become members of NEW Cooperative, Dix said.

“Berne Cooperative has had a loyal, long-term customer base and a lot of potential to grow,” Dix said. “Their members are very supportive of the cooperative system.”

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