Nobody will hack the election - Pate

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate said that voting in Iowa is safe and that people should not be misled or discouraged from voting in the midterm election on November 6.

Pate was one of a team of Republican candidates that have been barnstorming the state in the “Keep Iowa Moving” tour that stopped at Boulders Conference Center in Denison on Sunday evening for a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Crawford County.

“Tell your friends and neighbors,” Pate said. “Nobody in Moscow, Russia, hacked our election system and they’re not going to. We vote by paper ballot in Iowa and we don’t vote on the internet. Moscow, Russia - they’re not going to do it from there.”

He received applause and laughter when he said that as secretary of state he would let eligible voters from Moscow, Iowa, vote.

Pate charged that misdirection about the security of voting is being circulated on social media and from liberals.

“Yes, the Russians and other bad actors are trying to create doubt to try to undermine your confidence in our election system,” he continued. “Don’t let them get away with it.

“You vote. I’ll make sure it gets counted in Iowa. But we’ve got to make sure that the myth doesn’t confuse or cause people to become disenfranchised to not go out and vote. Nobody is going to change your vote,” said Pate.

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