Gov. Kim Reynolds and auctioneer JR Pauley

An Iowa State University vest worn by Gov. Kim Reynolds at a Crawford County Republican Party event at Boulders Conference Center on Sunday night was raffled off for the county party. JR Pauley auctioned the vest for $1,000 to Greg and Carolynn Sieman and Erv and Thelma Pauley. The vest was donated back to Reynolds. Photo by Gordon Wolf

The top official on the “Keep Iowa Moving” barnstorming tour, Gov. Kim Reynolds, claimed it is the Republican team that is making improvements in Iowa by cutting taxes and paying attention to priorities such as education, public health and public safety, and growing jobs and wages and opportunities.

The tour stopped at Boulders Conference Center in Denison Sunday night for a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Crawford County.

Reynolds said Iowa is fourth in the nation in education and eighth in the nation in teacher pay.

“We are working with Iowans to get them the skills needed today in Future Ready Iowa. On average, 66,000 jobs are available every day,” Reynolds said, adding that Iowa offers opportunities for people to learn the skills that employers are looking for.

She was critical of past Democratic administration and her Democratic opponent, Fred Hubbell, claiming that when Terry Branstad and she took office as governor and lieutenant governor, respectively, in 2011, Iowans were struggling to find work, unemployment was high and the budget was a mess.

“The state had massive spending debt; education had been cut 10 percent across the board by the Culver administration and his partner in crime, Fred Hubbell. He was part of that administration,” Reynolds said. “We don’t want to go back to those days.”

She said Hubbell’s plans would undo all the advances that have been made in the last couple years.

“I would tell you that Iowa is moving in the right direction. We’ve been recognized as the No. 1 state in the country, second lowest in the cost of doing business, second lowest unemployment rate and the third best managed state,” Reynolds said.

She added that wages and incomes are increasing, with three consecutive quarters of income growth, and continued that taxes are going down, the state’s budget is balanced and the rain-day fund is strong.

“We’re moving in the right direction and investing like never before in education, job training and healthcare,” Reynolds said.

Read more in Friday’s Review, including comments by Congressman Steve King.

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