Pablo Chapa, Dave Frazier, Pam Soseman

At the Chamber & Development Council (CDC) of Crawford County Denison city candidates’ forum on October 15, mayoral candidates gave the following closing remarks, stating why people should vote for them.

Pablo Chapa

“There’s no “I” in teamwork so what we have to do is work together. Denison is a very wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous place to live,” he said.

He added that it is important to get every resident counted in the upcoming census and to tell people that we need to help each other.

Chapa continued he wants people to know that he is available to hear their wishes.

“Their wishes will be heard and the door will be open at city hall for anyone to answer questions,” he said.

Dennis Fineran

See his comments in the article below.

Dave Frazier

He said all need to work together to expand the city and make it grow.

“Never forget that we are a world community and keep in mind that most people are working with a limited budget,” Frazier said, adding that his property values doubled in 24 years and that rising property values are destroying small towns.

He would like to get students involved with the city government.

“Let the students at the high school know that we value their input. Too many times we see people graduate from high school, go off to college and never come back again. They say there’s nothing here for them. Let’s put together a student government elected by their peer so that they can have a say so in what’s going on.”

He said that the city needs to look forward, and that people need to bury the hatchets of the past and move forward.

Pam Soseman

“I have worked within the community for 30 years,” she said. “I chose to be a stay at home mom and support my son and his activities beginning with Cub Scouts.

“I think I can work favorably with people. I have worked with a range of ages from age five to probably 75.”

Soseman added that she’s a good listener and that she can help the community move forward.

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