Spring safety: farm equipment on the road

Last week I was traveling south for the funeral of a long-time friend and neighbor, and it hit me that farmers are finally getting ready for spring work.

Despite the cold weather, the farmers are getting their equipment moved around and ready to get into the fields. Tractors, sprayers, field cultivators and anhydrous rigs are on the roadways. It’s time for us to think about road safety.

As you approach a hill, please slow down and be cautious about what might be over the hill. It could be slow moving farm equipment. Also, remember that today’s machinery is much larger. Please give the farmers extra consideration and use caution when approaching them on the roadways.

The most common vehicle/machinery collisions occur by vehicles approaching slow moving machinery from the rear or by passing in a no passing zone and hitting oncoming traffic. Following farm machinery for two miles on a country road takes no more time than if you were stopped at two stop lights in regular city driving.

Farmers, don’t forget to use your four-way flashing lights and stay alert to your surroundings.

If everyone is careful we can all enjoy the beautiful spring days and watch the fields turn green with the food that feeds the world.

Stay Safe!

Connie Riesselman, president

Crawford County Farm Bureau

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