In favor of

Scholten, Hubbell and Leo

Two weeks before the election is a good time to think about how our votes will impact the nation, Iowa and Crawford County. The Trump administration has set a tone of intolerance and a blatant disregard for the truth. This behavior is enabled by the blind compliance of down-ballot Republicans. We Americans and Iowans are better than this. Here’s how we can show it.

- Vote for J.D. Scholten for the U.S. House of Representatives. He offers sensible solutions to protect our right to affordable health care, expand educational opportunities and promote rural development. He is the opposite of Steve King who continuously embarrasses our district with his racism and anti-immigrant rants.

- Elect Fred Hubbell governor. He brings the managerial talents of a business executive with a concern for working families and a commitment to spread Iowa’s urban prosperity to rural counties. Gov. Kim Reynolds has followed President Trump’s lead by insensitively politicizing the murder of Mollie Tibbetts. The privatization of Medicaid is disastrous, and the tax dollar giveaways to out-of-state corporations result in higher college tuitions, penny-pinching support for public schools and the closing of mental health facilities.

- Residents in the eastern half of Crawford County have a choice for Iowa House District 12. Peter Leo favors consensus building with Republicans to develop common-sense solutions that provide our schools with the resources they need, access to affordable health care for all Iowans and jobs with fair pay in our rural communities. Brian Best, his Republican opponent, never wavers from the Republican Party leadership. He fell in lock step with District 18 Representative Steve Holt and District 9 Senator Jason Schultz as they rammed through a repeal of collective bargaining rights for Iowa’s public employees. Although they are unopposed for reelection, we can show disapproval by substituting write-in names.

A vote for these Democratic candidates is a vote for fairness for every American.

Martin (Larry) Peterson, Denison

Supports Knowles for hospital board

We need Rich Knowles on the Crawford County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees.

Common sense is what tells me to vote for Rich Knowles for Crawford County Memorial Hospital trustee. He is the only one when needed most.

Only Rich Knowles gets my vote.

Don Hollrah, Denison

Farm Bureau scholarships help students pursue careers

My oldest grandson is a senior in high school this year and is considering his options for college choices as well as majors. When he told me that he wants to pursue a degree in ag business, I immediately thought of the scholarships offered through Farm Bureau.

After I told him about the scholarship program, I decided it is one of my duties as Crawford County Farm Bureau President to let everyone in my county know about this program, too.

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation awards (54) $1,000 scholarships annually to students pursuing the completion of a two- or four-year college degree in agriculture, nursing or education.

Crawford County Farm Bureau awards scholarships for those same majors at the county level as well.

The Crawford County scholarship recipients last year were Luke Staley (ag business), Brady Fredericks (agronomy), Hannah Holdsworth (agronomy) and Cameron Webb (agriculture systems and technologies) from Denison High School and Jacqueline Lingle (conservation and natural resources) from IKM-Manning High School.

To apply for the scholarship, the student’s parents must be members of Farm Bureau.

This is only one of the many benefits, and you do not have to be a farmer to become a Farm Bureau member. To become a member or to receive other benefit information, contact office administrator Lynn Ross in the Denison Crawford County Farm Bureau office at 712-263-3157.

The scholarship applications are now available on the IFBF website in a working PDF format. The application can be found at under the member benefits section, then choose scholarship and grants.

If you prefer a hard copy of the application, contact Lynn Ross at the Crawford County Farm Bureau office.

In addition, area guidance counselors have received the information and can be of assistance to interested students.

Applications are due to the Crawford County office by March 1, 2019.

By supporting and promoting key areas such as family farms, education, health care programs, renewable energy initiatives and more, Farm Bureau works side-by-side with you to strengthen Iowa’s communities and help ensure a good quality of life for all of us.

Connie Riesselman,

Crawford County Farm Bureau President

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