Clinging to the old teachings

In early years, the 1940s, I went to parochial school in Charter Oak. Parents sent kids to Lutheran school or Catholic school, depending on persuasion. We didn’t realize it then but we cling to old day teachings today.

I am in Denison Care Center today, and all patients are here for a reason.

I hear no profanity, no fights, etc. I believe most patients have priorities in order. Everyone knows they are here because “we are on the short rows.”

I speak for myself now, but I have my life in order, and am ready for the tombs on yon hill.

Five or six days a week visitors arrive with prayer books and bibles to share with us. Seems to me they would be more effective going to day care centers. Or just go abroad to explain hell to the savages.

Me ‘n God have things worked out, but they swarm in the door like we must hear their pleas and repent.

Communion, yes. Otherwise, I’ll remain in my grotto and sleep.

Don Hollrah, Denison

Not racism

I have a question to ask my fellow Americans: why do you lock the doors of your home? We all know the answer: for safety. We do it for protection. We’re all afraid of uninvited intruders coming in while we’re away, or sleeping, or at night, or anytime.

Now if you don’t care who enters your home, don’t lock the doors.

I’m very selective who I let in my home. I don’t want criminals in my house. I don’t want drug dealers in my house. I don’t want human traffickers in my house. I don’t want terrorists in my house. I don’t want any of these people, or thieves, or vandals, or rapists, or murderers in my house.

Why would I want or let these types of people into our country, regardless of where they come from?

Walls and locked doors can provide a great deal of safety for ourselves and our loved ones at home. Walls and locked doors at our borders can provide safety while border guards, immigration agents and technology can add more to protect us.

If we guard our homes and protect our family members by having walls and locking doors, why aren’t we as protective of our country and countrymen? Providing protection and safety is not a racial act. When did protecting our countrymen and ourselves become racism? If we continue to fail to stop people with ill-will or bad intentions at our borders, they can and will eventually make it to our neighborhoods, and to our doors.

John Neumann, Denison

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