State auditor’s office runs effectively under Mosiman’s direction

As residents of Crawford County head to the ballot box this autumn, they should strongly consider voting Mary Mosiman for state auditor.

Within the last year, Mary Mosiman visited a local civic organization in Denison and explained her job as state auditor. Like others in attendance, I was very impressed with her presentation.

She is a good speaker and a pleasant person to meet with, but most importantly she excels at her job. She has led the state auditor’s office since May of 2013 and the state auditor’s office has been working effectively for Iowans in her tenure.

Mary Mosiman has the experience we need in our state auditor. She is a licensed C.P.A. who had worked many years as the auditor for Story County before she became state auditor.

By contrast, her opponent, Rob Sand, does not have a C.P.A. license.

Iowa deserves a state auditor’s office that is led by a C.P.A., as it has been since 1979.

George C. Blazek, Denison

Hubbell should stop campaigning on Medicaid Managed Care; it’s working

It appears Fred Hubbell is trying to gain traction with voters by running his campaign on one issue: painting a grim picture of Iowa Medicaid.

I don’t understand why his campaign insists on focusing solely on Medicaid Managed Care, a program that is working to provide better care and more coverage to Iowans, while essentially ignoring all other issues important to our state and our local economy.

The move to managed care has given Iowa’s elderly and underserved more options and better care. This year, the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan served more than 156,000 individuals not previously covered by a full-benefit Medicaid plan. Enrollment in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) increased by 14 percent in 2018 and will continue to grow over the next few years. Since 2010, children represent 64 percent of Medicaid growth. Iowa Managed Care provides critical access to care to Iowans who need it most.

If Fred Hubbell wants my vote, he should focus on boosting our state’s economy, providing opportunities for rural Iowans and improving our education system.

Kate Wright, Denison

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