From the desk in my home office

In reading your editorial response to the comments I made during the council meeting on February 12th concerning the papers approach to the issues at City Hall, I think you missed the main point. 

First let me say that I did agree with much of what was written in the article that I referred to, but the main point of my comments concerning the media was why the Denison paper has not asked more questions of the mayor and council as to how all of this transpired and why did it occur in the fashion that it did. 

I noted in watching the broadcast from KTIV following the last meeting that they did try to interview the mayor and he declined and asked that they send him their questions, which they did.  As of the writing of this letter it appears that he has yet to respond to them. 

Also you may have noted that I was not one of the objectors to the releasing of a full report. I do believe it would be a waste of money given Mr. Gilliam’s executive summary, but that is a decision for the council to make, which they did when they voted not to proceed on January 24. If they wish to change their mind they certainly can. 

There are many other things that I would like to say in response to your article, but if my word count is correct I am getting pretty close to your 300 word limitation, so I will sign off for now with a Thank You for printing the lengthy letter (676 words) that I sent in October. 

My comments stand. 

Rod Bradley, Denison

Writer questions councilmember about fire prop

Over the past several days, Denison City Councilman John Granzen has interacted with me and my followers on social media posts. I pointed out to Councilman Granzen that in his role as lieutenant in the Denison Volunteer Fire Department he would have been aware of the construction of the slanted roof fire training prop, one of the many issues looked at in the investigation into three city employees.

The fire training prop was never presented as a budget request by Fire Chief Cory Snowgren nor was it discussed at a council meeting prior to construction. I asked Mr. Granzen if he had ever informed the other city council members of the construction of this fire department project.

Instead of answering my question, Councilman Granzen blocked me on social media and did not answer so Denison taxpayers could be given the truth on the matter.

I pose the same question here to Councilman Granzen: Did you ever bring to light the construction of the training prop to the other members of the city council prior to its completion?

You continue to cry foul over being left out of the loop prior to the investigation. However, if you had disclosed your knowledge of the fire training prop to your fellow city council members, wouldn’t a portion of the investigation have been prevented from ever happening? Thus far, your lack of response makes it appear you have a personal agenda to protect the interests of the fire department before protecting Denison taxpayers. If so, you present a conflict of interest and an ethical risk that would be reasonable cause to exclude you from any information leading to the investigation.

Did you, Mr. Granzen, ever disclose your knowledge of this project to your fellow council members, and if not, why didn’t you?

Beth Ann Vogt

Chairwoman, Crawford County Democrats

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