The Crawford County Board of Supervisors took a lot of heat over the weekend and early this week concerning their initial decision to ban rural vending in the county during RAGBRAI.

Social media exploded with a wide range of unsociable and ill-informed commentary about the decision.

The supervisors were called greedy money-grubbers, RAGBRAI haters and were compared to Hitler.


Not one member of the board of supervisors deserved the blowback they received.

They spent many hours debating vending fees and whether or not to allow vending over the course of a more than a month’s worth of public meetings.

The supervisors made their decision based on solid reasoning about safety, the unfairness of allowing vendors on just the south side of the road and a concern for not drawing business away from vendors in the towns.

Those are all legitimate concerns.

Their decision was not made in secret and it was not about making a grab for money.

No riders or vendors came to the meetings to offer advice.

As it happens, riders and vendors do very much want to have vending in rural areas during RAGBRAI.

Once this was made known, the supervisors reversed course.

The supervisors want the best for the county and for RAGBRAI just as much as does anyone else.

They should be commended for wanting to do the right thing and then adjusting to the will of the people. That’s what we should expect from our elected officials.

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