Dear Representative King,

I am sure you must feel honored to have been elected once again to represent our part of Iowa.

I am writing to tell you that I did not vote for you. I am part of the 49.6% of the people of your district who did not want to send you back to Washington. Your rhetoric and your views do not reflect mine or 154,949 other voters in our district.

If by chance you feel some sense of duty to those of us in the rather large minority of your district, please consider the following requests:

First, please just shut up about the superior white culture and your divisive racial statements. (I am white, by the way, a proud descendant of German immigrants.) Please be intelligent enough to avoid conversations that can be taken as calling immigrants “dirt” or any other derogatory phrase.

Second, please understand that it is immigrants who are keeping the town you graduated from high school in alive. Please quit attacking them.

Third, stop the politics of fear that you and your Beloved Leader love to use to scare people. I realize it gets you elected, but at some point, have an ounce of concern for your country.

Fourth, please take the time to meet some of the amazing DACA kids that you have helped to terrorize. What kind of person, what kind of a people, attack children? You do, Mr. King, and I am asking that you stop it. I know that you get a lot of conservative Christians to vote for you, and I have no idea what your level of belief is, or what kind of a God you believe in, but let me remind you of the warnings Jesus gave to those who harm children.

I cannot tell you what an embarrassment it is to have you as my representative. Please use the closeness of the election to change your approach to how you represent us.

David A. Houston, Arion

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