Few things, if any, are more important to all of us than our health care and access to quality, affordable health care insurance coverage.

The Affordable Care Act was a major step forward, but improvements have to be made. And the Trump Administration is working every day to take away the benefits of ACA and deny coverage to millions of Americans.

Most Americans want health care coverage that works best for them and they want to be able to choose the best plan.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s “Medicare For All Who Want It” plan accomplishes those aims.

This plan makes a Medicare-type public option available on the ACA exchange and invites people to buy into, but also enables people to keep their private insurance if that is their choice.

It creates a public alternative without forcing people to take it.

This plan will expand competition by challenging private providers to offer better plans. If they can’t, people can choose the Medicare option.

The result will be expansion of coverage while making that coverage more affordable for everyone.

The goals of Pete’s plan are achieving universal health coverage and cutting costs

Some key features include boosting subsidies to help people buy coverage in the ACA marketplace and putting limits on the amount people pay in premiums.

The plan caps out-of-pocket costs for seniors on Medicare and rolls back Trump administration efforts to weaken the health care safety net and end coverage for many low income families and individuals.

The plan will bring relief to middle income Americans for whom coverage that best suits their and their families’ needs is currently not affordable. People who find their employer-based plans too expensive will have an option.

Reforms in the health care system advocated by Pete include better regulation of mergers of providers which limit competition.

“For years Washington politicians have allowed the pharmaceutical industry, giant insurance companies and powerful hospital systems to profit off people when they are at their sickest and most vulnerable,” Buttigieg says.

His plan will create a health system “that puts power in the hands of each American.”

That is one of the reasons I’m caucusing for Pete on February 3.

Chuck Signs, Denison

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