Erica Marlys Dains, 42, who had been sentenced to 10 years in prison for second-degree burglary and two years for accessory after the fact in the murders of Alice Huisenga and Marvin Huelsing in 2014, was released from parole on Friday, according to the Iowa Department of Corrections.

Dains had been paroled to the supervision of the Iowa Third Judicial District Department of Correctional Services in February.

On September 24 last year, she had been released from the Iowa Correctional Institution for Woman at Mitchellville and entered a work-release program at the residential facility in Sioux City, under the parole supervision of the Third District Department of Correctional Services.

Dains had been in prison for three years, three months and 19 days at that time. She was sentenced on June 5, 2015.

In the early morning hours of March 10, 2014, Dains, Michael David Schenk and Jayden Ray Chapman were discovered by Huisenga, 81, of Arcadia, and Huelsing, 80, of Maple River, while stealing scrap metal on Huelsing’s farm property near Deloit.

Huelsing and Huisenga were shot and killed by Chapman and Schenk and a trailer on Huelsing’s property was set on fire.

Chapman, Schenk and Dains, who were all from Denison at the time, were initially charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of first-degree arson.

On April 10, 2014, Dains pleaded guilty to the lesser charges in exchange for her testimony as the state’s witness against Schenk and Chapman.

Schenk, 31, and Chapman, 24, are serving life sentences without possibility of parole.

Schenk is at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, and Chapman is at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.

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