Marna Bol Chotkuach, Ogden, UT, no valid driver’s license, $195.

Curtis Matthew Busch, Grimes, operation without registration card or plate, $92.

Rodolfo Lopez, Denison, no valid driver’s license, $581.25.

Michael Christian Reseter, Denison, dark window or windshield, $201.56.

Ryan C. Meeves, Manilla, failure to maintain or use safety belts, adult, $127.50.

Timothy Edward Kropf, Denison, failure to maintain or use safety belts, adult, $127.50.

Dustin J. Mevert, Omaha, NE, failure to maintain or use safety belts, adult, $127.50.

David Don Janssen, Glidden, vehicles failure to respond to steady red light, $262.50.

Elian Garcia Garcia, Denison, registration violation, $100.50.

Abbie Nicole Petersen, Harlan, failure to maintain or use safety belts, adult, $127.50.

Marsha Ann Dean, Dunlap, operation without registration card or plate, $127.50.

Corey Michael Stapleton, Denison, dark window or windshield, $161.25.

Louis Carlos Salguero, Denison, possession/ purchase alcohol by person 18/19/20 years of age, 1st offense, $335.

Benjamin Michael Deal, Marne, no valid driver’s license, $330.

Ryan Thomas Klocke, Templeton, dark window or windshield, $127.50.

Dillon Jason Gesy, Denison, failure to maintain control, $147.75.

Charity Jo Blume, Battle Creek, operating non-registered vehicle, $161.25.

Brian Cervantes Vega, Denison, failure to maintain or use safety belts, $127.50.

Emmanuel Alexis Mejia, Schleswig, failure to maintain or use safety belts, $127.50.

Thea Marie Heiden, Schleswig, registration violation, $87.

Maribel Guzman, Denison, failure to yield to vehicle on right, $195.

Christian G. Ramirez, Denison, violation of conditions of restricted license, $127.50.


Robert Andrew Clarence Boll, Dow City, driving while license denied, suspended, cancelled or revoked, $439.60.

James Irvin Fishback Jr., Manning, reckless driving, $495.


Robby William Burk, Denison, $186.50

Eh Htee, Omaha, NE, $186.50


Jose Luis Barrios, Denison, $286.88

Francisco Alvarez Ramirez, Denison, $173

Jean Louis Kanioka Lunga, Papillion, NE, $168

Marsha Lynn Miller, Vail, $168

Charity Jo Blume, Battle Creek, $222


Jeron Dean Henscheid, Harlan, $114

Joseph G. Massey, Siloam Springs, AR, $114

David William Hulsebus, Defiance, $119

Edward Sanchez, Vail, $114

Troy Donald Price, Schleswig, $119

Angela Rose Doyel, Pisgah, $119

Joseph Michael Poggensee, Denison, $119

James Henry Jones Jr., Moorhead, $114

Chad Richard Langenfeld, Denison, $114

Teresa Lynn Czarnecki, Logan, $114

Phillip M. Rhodes Jr., Omaha, NE, $114

Pedro Marquez Barajas, Denison, $114

Neal William Ahart, Denison, $114

Ian Scott MacGregor, Denison, $114

Jorge Alberto Fonseca Avendano, Denison, $114

Ronald Lynn Ehn, Denison, $114

Jederic Anthony Inocenc Ybanez, Dow City, $114


Alanice M. Rydbert, Omaha, NE, $92

Jhonatan Alexis Centeno Pineda, Denison, $92

Ryan C. Meeves, Manilla, $92

Seiner Andres Loarca Martin, Denison, $92

William A. Mills, Home, PA, $92

Cassie Jean Saltzman, Omaha, NE, $87

Kevin Andrew Smith, Nokomis, FL, $92

Nicholas P. Markham, Bellevue, NE, $87

Richard Anthony Frazier, Dunlap, $92

Shawn Renee Rhoades, Dow City, $92

Sergio Sanchez Contreras, Fort Worth, TX, $92

Heather Marie Harris, Dunlap, $87

Jose Luis Barrios, Omaha, NE, $92

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