D-S girls track 2020

Five athletes who participated at the state track and field meet a year ago will springboard the Denison-Schleswig girls into the 2020 spring season.

Veteran head coach Adam Mich will have a total of 41 girls out for track and field with a youthful squad of three seniors, nine juniors, 12 sophomores and 17 freshmen making up this year’s roster.

"As a coaching staff, we are excited about this upcoming season and the possibilities this group has," commented Mich, who returns 14 letterwinners in all.

"Our strengths will come in our sprint relays and shuttle hurdle relays, as this is where the majority of our experience comes from. We feel that the experienced girls will be able to help along the younger girls and show them the right way to prepare," he added.

Among the returning letterwinners are seven juniors in Hannah Neemann, Paige Andersen, Bella Araujo, Jamie Ibarra, Cierra Kastner, Ellie Magnuson and Kennedy Marten.

The other seven returning veterans are sophomores Sophie Sonnichsen, Juliana Barajas, Cambri Brodersen, Ana Lara, Kira Langenfeld, Hannah Slater and Lesley Chavez.

Headlining the list of returning state participants are two-time qualifiers Andersen, Kastner and Ibarra.

Neemann and Araujo both participated at the state meet for the first time last spring.

Andersen and Kastner both were members of the Monarchs’ distance medley and sprint medley relay teams at the state meet a year ago that placed 20th and 23rd overall in Class 3A.

Araujo also was on the 20th-place distance medley unit.

Neemann and Ibarra both competed on the Monarchs’ shuttle hurdle relay team at the state meet that placed ninth in 3A after just miss qualifying for the finals.

"We will be young with 29 sophomores and freshmen, but this is something that as the season progresses we feel that they will gain more experience and confidence," Mich said.

The complete roster for the D-S girls in 2020 is below.


Kaydee Meseck, shot put, discus; Maryam Rodriguez, sprints, hurdles; Sophie Mahrt, sprints


Emma Mendenhall, shot put, discus; Hannah Neemann, sprints, hurdles, high jump; Kennedy Marten, sprints, hurdles; Ellie Magnuson, high jump, sprints; Cierra Kastner, sprints; Jamie Ibarra, sprints, hurdles; Paige Andersen, sprints; Tania Cortez, sprints, middle distance


Autumn Nemitz, shot put, discus; Sophie Sonnichsen, sprints; Hannah Slater, shot put, discus; Kira Langenfeld, long jump, sprints, hurdles; Alison Fink, sprints; Lesley Chavez, long jump, sprints, hurdles; Kaily Cano, sprints; Jenna Currier, sprints, middle distance; Cambri Brodersen, sprints, middle distance; Ana Lara, distance; Daisy Olivera, distance; Juliana Barajas, high jump, distance


Anahi Velasco, shot put, discus; Kaya Auen, shot put, discus; Nancy Argueta, shot put, discus; Yary Aragon, shot put, discus; Yizmeray Angulo, shot put, discus; Anna Wiges, shot put, discus; Jade Arevalo, shot put, discus; Araceli Salas, shot put, discus; Ashlyn Herrig, high jump, sprints, hurdles; Kaitlyn Bruhn, sprints, hurdles; Lauren Bowker, long jump, sprints; Krystal Ordonez, sprints; Claire Miller, sprints, hurdles, middle distance; Victoria Santamaria, distance, hurdles; Magaly Salgado, long jump, distance; Melanie Ramirez, distance; Jazmine Iglesias, distance

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