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Denison swimmers fourth at conference meet

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Denison swimming

The Denison summer swim team netted 205 points to place fourth overall at the Iowa West Swim Conference Meet on Saturday at Carroll.

Carroll won the conference team championship with 276 points. Guthrie Center took second with 272 points and Perry was third just ahead of Denison with 214 points.

Denison’s Jenna Currier set two conference records for the 13-14 girls.

She won the 50-yard backstroke in 29.33 seconds, breaking the old mark of 30.45 from 1995, while capturing the 50-yard butterfly in 28.01, breaking the previous best of 28.15 from 2008.

8-Under Girls

100 Medley Relay: Kynlee Schwarte, Kassidy Neligh, Harper Ladwig, Patricia Collins (third)

25 Freestyle: Stella Mahrt (first)

25 Backstroke: Mahrt (seventh)

25 Breaststroke: Mahrt (third)

50 Freestyle: Mahrt (first)

25 Butterfly: Neligh (third)

100 Freestyle Relay: Ladwig, Schwarte, Collins, Neligh (fourth)

8-Under Boys

25 Freestyle: Landen Cadwell (third)

25 Backstroke: Cadwell (second)

25 Breaststroke: Cadwell (first)

50 Freestyle: Cadwell (third)

25 Butterfly: Cadwell (third)

9-10 Girls

100 Medley Relay: Myah Schwarte, Charlotte Schrum, Annah Schwarte, Bailey Steppuhn (first)

25 Freestyle: A. Schwarte (first)

25 Backstroke: Schrum (first)

25 Breaststroke: Schrum (first)

50 Freestyle: A. Schwarte (second)

25 Butterfly: A. Schwarte (second)

10 Freestyle Relay: Schrum, M. Schwarte, Steppuhn, A. Schwarte (second)

9-10 Boys

25 Freestyle: Ryan Slechta (third)

25 Backstroke: Slechta (third)

25 Breaststroke: Slechta (sixth)

50 Freetstyle: Slechta (third)

50 Butterfly: Kevin Sanchez (sixth)

11-12 Girls

50 Freestyle: Karla Sanchez (fifth)

50 Backstroke: Kylie Neligh (third)

100 Individual Medley: Neligh (sixth)

50 Breaststroke: Neligh (sixth)

100 Freestyle: Sanchez (sixth)

50 Butterfly: Sanchez (sixth)

11-12 Boys

50 Freestyle: Cody Segebart (fifth)

100 Individual Medley: Segebart (third)

50 Breaststroke: Segebart (fourth)

100 Freestyle: Segebart (sixth)

13-14 Girls

200 Medley Relay: Claire Miller, Lauren Bowker, Kyra Hawn, Payton Henningsen (first)

50 Freestyle: Jenna Currier (first)

50 Backstroke: Currier (first)

Individual Medley: Currier (first)

50 Breaststroke: Bowker (second)

100 Freestyle: Currier (first)

50 Butterfly: Currier (first)

200 Freestyle Relay: Miller, Henningsen, Bowker, Hawn (first)

13-14 Boys

50 Freestyle: Thomas Gotto (eighth)

50 Backstroke: Kadon Miller (seventh)

50 Breaststroke: Gotto (seventh)

100 Freestyle: Kadon Miller (sixth)

50 Butterfly: Gotto (seventh)

15-18 Girls

200 Medley Relay: Haley Thams, Ashlyn Bowker, Jaci Kluender, Kaitlyn Neligh (third)

50 Freestyle: Bowker (sixth)

50 Backstroke: Thams (seventh)

100 Individual Medley: Bowker (sixth)

50 Breaststroke: Thams (seventh)

100 Freestyle: Kluender (seventh

50 Butterfly: Kluender (seventh)


200 Freestyle Relay: Bowker, Neligh, Kluender, Thams (third)


15-18 Boys


200 Medley Relay: Alix Harms, Chris Krajicek, Jon Segebart, Bryce Clinkenbeard (second)


50 Freestyle: Clinkenbeard (fifth)


50 Backstroke: Harms (fifth)


100 Individual Medley: Segebart (fourth)


50 Breaststroke: Krajicek (second)


100 Freestyle: Clinkenbeard (fifth)


50 Butterfly: Harms (sixth)


200 Medley Relay: Clinkenbeard, Harms, Krajicek, Segebart (third)


Final Team Standings


1. Carroll 276; 2. Guthrie Center 272; 3. Perry 214; 4. Denison 205; 5. Jefferson 166; 6. Coon Rapids 140; 7. Sac City 101; 8. Lake City 53; 9. Glidden 48; 10. Manning 29




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