Wolves to face another challenging district

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Wolves football 2019

Members of the IKM-Manning football team in 2019 are, front row, left to right: Jackson Johnson, Grant Behrens, Jacob Dentlinger, Ben Lingle, Colten Brandt, Will Jorgensen, Chris Birks, Parker Behrens, Raine Meneough; second row: Kyler Rasmussen, Kamden Robinson, Hayden MaLaughlin, Brody Swearington, James Vega, Drew Doyel; third row: Tanner Crawford, Mitchell Kerkhoff, Conner Halbur, Nolan Ramsey, Luke Ramsey, Max Neilsen, Amos Rasmussen; fourth row: Hunter Smith, DeLontae Pearson, Andan Spooner, Taylor Williams, Caden Keller, Cooper Perdew, Cooper Irlmeier; fifth row: Cody Girard, Austin Wiederin, Reed Hinners, Eli Dreyer; back row: Cory McCarville (assistant coach), Joey Thraen (assistant coach), Tom Casey (head coach), Chance McDonald (assistant coach) and Chris Behrens (assistant coach).

IKM-Manning Football 2019

Head Coach: Tom Casey, 40th year overall, 220-107

Assistant Coaches: Cory McCarville, Chance McDonald, Joey Thraen, Chris Behrens

2018 Records: 3-2 Class A, District 2; 5-4 overall

Returning Lettermen: 11 (Raine Meneough, Sr., 6-0, 171, HB/LB; Colten Brandt, Sr., 6-1, 184, FB/LB; Grant Behrens, Sr., 5-10, 212, OL/DL; Jacob Dentlinger, Sr., 6-3, 260, OL/DL; Will Jorgensen, Sr., 6-0, 174, OL/DE; Chris Birks, Sr., 6-1, 215, OL/DL; Drew Doyel, Jr., 5-7, 168, WB/LB/P; Body Swearington, Jr., 5-11, 205, OL/LB; Kyler Rasmussen, Jr., 5-11, 197, QB/LB/P; Amos Rasmussen, Soph., 5-7, 155, HB/DB/K; Mitchell Kerkhoff, Soph., 5-9, 160, FB/LB

Returning Starters: Brandt, Dentlinger, Birks, Kyler Rasmussen, Birks

Top Returning Rushers: Amos Rasmussen, 38-210, 4 TDs; Kyler Rasmussen, 73-116, 6 TDs

Top Returning Passer: Kyler Rasmussen, 48-102, 564 yards, 3 TDs, 5 interceptions

Top Returning Receivers: Amos Rasmussen, 4-48, 1 TD

Returning All-District Performers: Brandt (second team defense)

Top Returning Tackles: Brandt, 39 UA, 53 A; Kyler Rasmussen, 27 UA, 55 A; Swearington, 11 UA, 20 A; Birks, 6 UA, 30 A

Rest of Roster: Parker Behrens, Sr., 6-1, 164, WR/DB; Ben Lingle, Sr., 6-3, 147, WR/DB; Jackson Johnson, Sr., 5-10, 187, OL/LB; Hayden McLaughlin, Jr., 6-0, 160, QB/DB; Kamden Robinson, Jr., 5-9, 152, WR/DB; James Vega, Jr., 5-10, 178, FB/DE; Nolan Ramsey, Soph., 5-11, 161, QB/OLB; DeLontae Pearson, Soph., 5-7, 142, HB/DB; Tanner Crawford, Soph., 5-8, 183, OL/DL; Taylor Williams, Soph., 5-10, 215, OL/DL; Max Neilsen, Soph., 6-0, 292, OL/DL; Andan Spooner, Soph., 6-1, 228, OL/DE; Gage Frock, Soph., 5-10, 143, WR/DB; Luke Ramsey, Soph., 5-11, 170, TE/DE; Eli Dreyer, Fr., 5-5, 101, WR/DB; Caden Keller, Fr., 5-8, 122, WR/DB; Hunter Smith, Fr., 5-5, 128, WR/DB; Reed Hinners, Fr., 5-4, 110, WR/DB; Cooper Irlmeier, Fr., 5-8, 142, HB/DB; Austin Wiederin, Fr., 5-9, 174, OL/DL; Cody Girard, Fr., 6-2, 255, OL/DL; Cooper Perdew, Fr., 5-9, 137, TE/DE

Comments from Casey: The boys have worked hard over the summer to be prepared for the upcoming season. Our strengths will begin with our offensive line with guys like Birks, Dentlinger and Swearington to build around. Kyler Rasmussen is back at quarterback to run our offense.

We’re hoping that their game experience will help our team be better this year.

On the defensive side, we return our linebackers in Brandt, Kyler Rasmussen and Swearington. Our junior varsity team had a successful season a year ago, so we’re hoping that those player can help make this year’s varsity team better. Overall depth is probably our main weakness. We will need to find consistency in our passing and kicking games and get our running backs game experience.

We have a very challenging non-district schedule that will be a true test as to how good a football team we will be. The teams in District 2 will be good, well-coached and ready to play. Alta-Aurelia returns several players from their playoff team a year ago and should be the favorite to win the district.

Most of the teams in our district will have a good nucleus of returning starters to build around. It will be important for our team to show improvement each week and stay healthy. If we can do those two things, we will be a competitive football team.

2019 Schedule

August: 30 - vs. Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center; September: 6 - at Underwood; 13 - at South Central Calhoun; 20 - vs. East Sac County; 27 - vs. Fort Dodge St. Edmond; October: 4 - at Manson-Northwest Webster; 11 - vs. Alta-Aurelia; 18 - at Sioux Central; 25 - vs. Ridge View

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Storm Lake at Denison-Schleswig, 7 p.m.

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Boyer Valley at CAM, 7 p.m.

Alta-Aurelia at IKM-Manning, 7 p.m.


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